“I was prescribed PT for IT band stretching per orthopedist prior to PT I was having pain in left knee and problems with many stairs. Initial assessment at Professional Physical Therapy revealed left hamstring and quads also much weaker than right. I was given exercises to do at home with additional exercises added with subsequent sessions. Seen at Professional Physical Therapy two times per week for 5-6 weeks, then down to one time per week for a few weeks prior to not being seen for 3-4 weeks but continuing with home exercises. Within a short time, increased strength was noticed and loss of initial pain. With time more improvement noted in both legs. Final visit (after 3-4 weeks) showed improvement from initial assessment and was discharged with exercises to continue at home. I was very pleased with the care and attention. Always explained things thoroughly and answered all questions and concerns.” -Patty Elias
Patty Elias
“I’ve been coming since April 2016, I had an accident that caused my knee not to function how it should. I was in excruciating pain, I had a meniscus and ACL tear. I was unable to walk, go up and down stairs, stand on my feet for long periods of times, go to the gym, or play with my kids and dogs outdoors. I have missed going hiking. I ended up having surgery to correct my injury, and with the physical therapy as well as surgery, I’ve come a long way. I am no longer in pain. All the staff at physical therapy were a fantastic group of people, they were understanding and helped me immensely through my journey. I recommend them to others as they are professional and care for your well being. Thank you so much for getting me to where I am today.” -Nancy Hasomeris
Nancy Hasomeris
“Before coming to Professional Physical Therapy I was experiencing lots of discomfort to the lateral side of my right leg. Most of the discomfort would come after 45 minutes of driving or walking. Even though it wasn’t pain I was experiencing, it was annoyance that was present on a daily basis. My physical therapist Sue was awesome, along with assistants Sue F. and Amber. They developed a personalized regimen that helped me improve each week. After two months of PT I can gladly say I am discomfort FREE! They have taught me multiple stretches and strengthening exercises to continue at home to keep me strong. I would like to thank all the staff members for their dedication to patient care and improving my health. Professional Physical Therapy is exactly what their name states and I would highly recommend them to ALL!” -Kelley Toli
Kelley Toli
"Before coming to PT I was having pain in my right knee when I would do any kind of activity. Before this pain I was doing 3-4 days of boot camp with some running. Professional Physical Therapy was having a free screening on knee pain so I decided to see what it was about and what I could do to make my knee better. A big thank you to Dr. Patt and Amber for working with me to get me back to doing activity." -Karen Smith
Karen Smith
"When I started here, I had problems with my right knee which resulted in three falls in the year of 2016, which caused injuries. The third fall caused a hairline fracture in my ankle, as a result of my knee collapsing. When I actually started the PT (6 weeks after my cast). Walking, climbing, stairs and even housework presented real challenges. The staff here from the front desk people to the PT staff have been welcoming and positive throughout my time here. We have all been working toward getting my strength and endurance back, in order to prepare me for my upcoming knee replacement surgery. Now I am feeling confident and look forward to coming back for "after surgery PT! ... goal is family vacation with my family in Maine this September." - Joyce Richard
Joyce Richard
“I work on my feet all day, so knee pain isn’t desirable. When I started coming to PT I had significant pain in both knees that was inhibiting my leg workouts. I also had difficulty getting up out of a seated position. After working with Amber, Sue F., and Alex for several weeks, the pain is mostly gone in my leg. Hip and knee strength is significantly increased. The staff here is great and I am so much better. If I need PT in the future, this is definitely where I will come back to!” -James Lincoln
James Lincoln
"I have been coming to Professional Physical Therapy for 10 year, after breaking my knee cap and having 6 knee surgery to correct my knee issues. Dr. Patt, Sue, Amber, and Gab are great to work with and have helped me immensely over the years getting me back to physical activity. Hopefully this will be my last recover, but I will definitely be back if it is not." -Greg Kane
Greg Kane
“I had a knee replacement September 9th, 2016 and started PT October 2nd. My knee flex started behind the curve (less than 90 degrees) and we set a goal of 120 degrees. By the fourth week I had a flex of 128 degrees (well above the target). I contribute this to excellent PT by Dr. Greg Patt, with help from Sue and Amber. I am told that it will take a full year before the knee feels fully healed (normal). But I have vastly improved since the end of therapy. Thank you all for your help, it is greatly appreciated!” -Fred Hayes
Fred Hayes
"I came into PT for a bad knee and I did 5 minutes of bike riding, leg weights, then I did lots of stretches, leg lifts with weights, ladder which was the most difficult. Walked with a rubber band and at the end I did 10 minutes of stim. The most difficult thing was the ladder." - Dylan Sumner
Dylan Sumner
“Thank you Professional Physical Therapy! The word “professional” certainly belong in your name. The staff, especially Alex Z. are all truly pros at what they do. When I started in January I could barely put full weight on my right knee after my December surgery. With the help, guidance and instruction from Alex and Team, my right knee now (March) is pain free and near 100%. Thanks for getting back in the game!” -Dan Pezold
Dan Pezold
“It has been a pleasure to work with the terrific PT team here. I injured my knee and was not walking well without pain. Stairs were a challenge as well as entering and exiting my car. I am able to perform those tasks and are pain free now.” -Charmagne Laprise
Charmagne Laprise
"I had surgery on my left knee (because of a torn meniscus); my surgeon cleaned this area out and now I'm able to ride my street bike again. I'm not sure how I injured my knee. The ladies at Professional Physical Therapy helped me a lot, especially Susan Koeller, she is a great therapist, she is very gentle and knowledgeable!" -Alan Pinkard
Allan Pinkard
“Before I started PT and had surgery on my right knee, I had torn my ACL during soccer. After surgery about a week later, I had my first physical therapy appointment. The surgery had left me on crutches for about a month and it would take 6-12 months to recover. The therapists here were very kind and brought me through all the exercises to get on the road to recovery. After about 5 ½ months of PT, I am now playing in scrimmages during practice.” – Adam Gilbert
Adam Gilbert