Neck Success Stories

“I have been to physical therapy many times and usually don’t complete the series of appointments. With Professional Physical Therapy I completed all the appointments with excellent results. Susan K. gave me excellent advice regarding how I should sleep to reduce my neck pain. Susan F. manipulated my neck and within hours I felt 100% better. I’m sure I will need therapy again and this is the only place I will go. Great Job!” – Nancy Malcolm
Nancy Malcolm
"After coming back from college my neck was super strained from constantly being bent over studying.  I decided to get my neck/spine looked at over winter break at Professional Physical Therapy.  After a few short weeks of undergoing physical therapy, my neck and back feel a lot stronger and I have better posture.  The pain and swelling has significantly decreased and I have to thank the kind staff at Professional Physical Therapy for all of my improvements.  Thank you!!" -Taylor McCue
Taylor McCue
"I had trouble moving my neck from side to side. The PT has made a great difference in the quality of movement in my neck. I know I have to continue with the exercises the PT has taught me to keep my neck moving from side to side. I have recommended this facility to some of my relatives and friends because of the great services here. Thank you for the great PT I have received here." -Lorraine Howe
Lorraine Howe
“Before PT, I was unable to turn my head to either side and I did not have full range of motion in my left arm.  This made driving and other tasks that involved turning my head to look over my shoulder and/or reaching for something virtually impossible.  Thanks to Dr. Patt, I am now able to move my neck and my shoulder in every direction.  I have been able to return to all activities that were not possible before! ” –Heather Irwin
Heather Irwin
“This past fall I began to have shooting pains in the back of my head. The pain was the result of significantly tight muscles in my neck and shoulders. I had lived with this tightness for a very long time and considered it a part of aging. Thanks to Dr. Raybuck, Amber and Sue, I can now turn my neck from side to side without moving my entire upper body. It is an incredible 180 degree difference. In addition, I am more relaxed because it was a lot of work to carry a very tight neck. My sincere thanks to all for this incredible transformation!” – Debbie Ryan
Debbie Ryan
“When I came to Physical Therapy I had pinched a C-8 nerve in my neck. I had extreme pain and numbness down my left arm. My left arm had about 50% strength and my coordination was way off. Along with not being able to work, I had a lot of trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep. After meeting with Dr. Patt we had a game plan of stretches combined with traction to try to relieve the pressure on my nerve. Within the first couple of weeks I could feel the pain working its way back up my arm. Just as Dr. Patt said, the pain moved from my fingertips to my elbow, into my tricep until 6 weeks later I’m pain free. I have full strength and mobility. I am very satisfied with my experience here at Professional PT. all the staff members were professional and knowledgeable.” – David Anderson
David Anderson