"I was very lucky and only needed 3 weeks of therapy. I had a rotator cuff injury which made it very difficult to raise my arm. The deep friction massage was painful at first but eventually was very beneficial to my recovery. The staff are all very professional and pleasant to work with!" -Wendy Plakias
Wendy Plakias
“I had never been to physical therapy before, so I was a bit skeptical. They worked on my shoulder and soon I was sleeping thru the night without waking up in pain. I really enjoyed the professional service of the staff. Front desk people were very helpful. Glad I took recommendation from a former patient. I would strongly recommend this place to anyone needing physical therapy and enjoyable conversation. I enjoyed Bruins talk with Alex, and his excellent physical therapy care.” -Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch
“I came to Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine after tearing the labrum in my shoulder. My shoulder was painful doing routine things like putting my hair up and getting dressed. Holding my arm up to hold the steering wheel for any length of time was even painful. My range of motion and strength was very limited and I was unable to work out as I had done before. As a Physical Education teacher I need to be able to demonstrate various exercises and I was unable to do so. After many weeks with Alex I am able to work out again, my range of motion has dramatically improved, and my strength is improving every day. Alex said on day 1 that getting better would be possible, but after months of pain I wasn’t sure. Thanks Alex…I am very happy to say that you were right!” –Lisa Cronin
Lisa Cronin
“I tore my rotator cuff and had surgery to repair. I came to Professional Physical Therapy (my 3rd time here) for post-surgical work. I had a great experience with Alex, Amber, and Sue F. I struggled the first few months with pain, but the staff worked consistently with massage, stretching, and exercises to get me back to a pain free state in a few months. I have regained strength and mobility and have been relatively pain free for several weeks. I will continue to work to get my shoulder back to its pre-injury state. Thanks to everyone.” -Jim Wagner
Jim Wagner
“I suffered a shoulder injury playing hockey. Prior to my first PT visit I could hardly raise my right arm above my shoulder level in front of me or to the side. I also had limited strength and couldn’t exercise. After several weeks of physical therapy, I have all my strength back and improved range of flexibility and motion. The exercises, electrotherapy, and ultrasound all worked well in the process of getting my shoulder better. Thank you to the entire team.” -Gary Plakias
Gary Plakias
“I came to Physical Therapy to have work done on my left shoulder after tearing my rotator cuff. I found that the personnel both at the front desk and those that worked on me in the room. They were very attuning, both the assigned therapist and the others help me if I forgot what to do. I came in not able to raise my arm no higher than 8 inches below a door knob; and now that I completed my therapy I can reach out and if my arms were longer I think I could reach the ceiling.” –Frank Liotta
Frank Liotta
“When I started coming I was in a sling and very limited to the activities I could do. After a couple of weeks the sling came off and we included strengthening to the stretching exercises. Thanks to Sue and her team, I’ve gained almost full range of motion back and I’m continuing to work on the strengthening. Even on the days I came in exhausted, they pushed me to give it my all. If they hadn’t I wouldn’t have made as much progress as I have so quickly. Thank you!” –Annette O’Reilly
Annette O’Reilly