“After suffering with a sciatic nerve and spinal stenosis problem for about 1 ½ years, I finally had to undergo surgery for a lumbar laminectomy. My mobility and strength, as well as my stamina had deteriorated over this time and I needed to rebuild, restore, and in some degree, relearn many simple actions I had just taken for granted for years. Surgery was successful, but I had a ways to go to get back to my ‘old self’. Thanks to my time spent at Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine I am now able to return to an active lifestyle and return to a physically demanding job after a 7-month absence! I was, and continue to be, thankful; to Alex, Amber, Sue F and all the staff for their efforts on my behalf.” -Tim Keras
Tim Keras
“I began PT with back pains and not being able to do gymnastics. Sitting at school and doing any kind of activities caused pain. Sitting at school and doing any kind of activities caused pain. Now after going through PT I am back at gymnastics and have no pain.” -Sarah Bernstein
Sarah Bernstein
“Due to lower back and arthritic knee, I came to Professional Physical Therapy to improve range of motion, alleviate swelling and pain. I cannot say enough about the quality of therapy I received from Sue Koeller. Her knowledge, calming personality, and professionalism made for a very pleasant experience for me. I am back to dancing and gym activities that I was unable to participate in previously. I highly recommend Professional Physical Therapy for its staff as well as its facility and equipment.” –Louise Perry
Louise Perry
"Before PT I had bad back pain (lower). It made dancing hard and even daily activities painful. When I went to the doctors they told me the pain was due to unequal leg lengths and told me to buy lifts to go in my shoes and that would resolve my pain. Once I came to PT everything got better. I worked weekly with Dr. Patt and Sue F. to strengthen my core. Surprisingly they told me not to wear the leg lifts and that my legs were equal length but my pelvis was off instead. I am so grateful I came here as my back pain is almost completely gone and my core is stronger than before. I have honestly never done a curl up without lifting my feet to help me due to my back pain and weak core but I am able to do one now!" - Hayley Arnold
Hayley Arnold
“Sciatica pain brought me to Professional Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine. My symptoms appeared suddenly after an exceedingly long car ride. Hoping that the symptoms would eventually go away, I waited a few months before seeking professional help. When I arrived here for treatment, it was difficult for me to be in the car for extended periods of time, I was continually irritating this already painful condition. Before seeking physical therapy, when I would get out of the car, I could barely walk. Dr. Raybuck has been amazingly helpful and accurate in pinpointing the problem areas. We began working on my core areas, stretching muscle groups and slowly increasing the strengthening and healing process with the use of weights. Amber and Dr. Raybuck have diligently guided me throughout the many weeks and months of therapy. Always cheerful and professional, they have been a wonderful resource in my recovery. Dr. Raybuck and Amber have my deepest appreciation for their support and guidance during my healing process. Today, I am stronger and free of debilitating pain. It is still necessary for me to spend extended periods of time in the car, but thanks to these two, very capable ladies, I am able to accomplish that without pain.” – Ellen Veelenturf
Ellen Veelenturf
“After a bad landing on vault, my back was really hurting me. I couldn’t practice gymnastics without any pain. After coming to PT, I can now do gymnastics pain-free. This has helped me finish my final gymnastics season successfully. I qualified to regionals!” -Elana Chan
Elana Chan
“I have had a wonderful experience. My initial evaluation was everything I needed to hear in order to keep me willing to return for each visit and do my exercises at home. I started with very little flexibility in my back and that in turn caused pain after sitting, even walking too much. I struggled with leg cramps and lower back tightness. The work I have been doing over the last few weeks to increase my back, leg, and ab muscles has made it so I am sleeping better, able to sit and/or stand longer, and overcome any discomfort easier. Wow, I am so grateful to Dr. Patt and his team!” -Christine Gallinagh
Christine Gallinagh
“I am as glad that I chose Professional Physical Therapy as my place to help me treat sciatica. They not only solved my immediate problem, the helped me in many other areas. I certainly would recommend them to others.” -Carol Ross
Carol Ross
"In mid-October I injured my back and was suffering significant levels of pain. I went to my primary care doctor who determined that I had a pinched nerve in my lower back. He prescribed a pain medication which I ended up allergic to. A return to the doctor, lead to another pain medication which I was equally allergic to. After a week of near sleepless nights, I got a referral for physical therapy. On my way home from the doctor I stopped at Professional Physical Therapy. They set me up with a schedule that started the next day. I was assigned to Susan Koeller. During our initial meeting, I described my injury and gave each area of pain a number. I had a 7-degree pain in my lower back, a 6-degree pain in my hip and thigh, and a constant 5-degree pain from the knee down my foot. After a brief exam, Susan determined that my pelvis was out of alignment. She had me lie on a bench. She applied pressure to my back and like magic the pain in my back subsided significantly. That night I slept like a baby. Unfortunately, the next day the pain was back. Again, Susan was able to provide relief, she also showed me a stretching exercise that I could do at home if the pain returned. Over the next eight weeks Susan, Sue, and Amber taught me many more exercises and supervised as I went through them during each session. Even when I thought I was doing the exercises alone Sue or Amber would stop and correct my position or inquire about my progress. This is an incredibly talented group of professionals. Their collective efforts and attention to my progress have resulted in my full recovery. While I will always have the exercises, I will miss them very much. Thank you all." -Bruce Davis
Bruce Davis
“After four months of kickboxing my body had had enough and needed a break. My lower back pain increased and I had difficulty driving with my left leg since it was very tight. Professional Physical Therapy was close to work and easy to schedule appointments. Both Sue K. and Sue F. were able to assess my condition with a lot of heat, STM, and ice. Each appointment I was thoroughly looked over to see if I was out of alignment. Stretches and strengthening exercises were demonstrated and advised over 3 months. I can now drive with ease compared to before. I’m not strong enough for kickboxing, but I understand that will take time. I feel I was looked over with care and given the tools to further my healing on my own time. I thank all the physical therapists and the front desk for making my lengthy experience welcoming and productive.” –Augusta Hahnel
Augusta Hahnal