“I was prescribed PT for IT band stretching per orthopedist prior to PT I was having pain in left knee and problems with many stairs. Initial assessment at Professional Physical Therapy revealed left hamstring and quads also much weaker than right. I was given exercises to do at home with additional exercises added with subsequent sessions. Seen at Professional Physical Therapy two times per week for 5-6 weeks, then down to one time per week for a few weeks prior to not being seen for 3-4 weeks but continuing with home exercises. Within a short time, increased strength was noticed and loss of initial pain. With time more improvement noted in both legs. Final visit (after 3-4 weeks) showed improvement from initial assessment and was discharged with exercises to continue at home. I was very pleased with the care and attention. Always explained things thoroughly and answered all questions and concerns.” -Patty Elias
Patty Elias
“I’ve been coming since April 2016, I had an accident that caused my knee not to function how it should. I was in excruciating pain, I had a meniscus and ACL tear. I was unable to walk, go up and down stairs, stand on my feet for long periods of times, go to the gym, or play with my kids and dogs outdoors. I have missed going hiking. I ended up having surgery to correct my injury, and with the physical therapy as well as surgery, I’ve come a long way. I am no longer in pain. All the staff at physical therapy were a fantastic group of people, they were understanding and helped me immensely through my journey. I recommend them to others as they are professional and care for your well being. Thank you so much for getting me to where I am today.” -Nancy Hasomeris
Nancy Hasomeris
“Before coming to Professional Physical Therapy I was experiencing lots of discomfort to the lateral side of my right leg. Most of the discomfort would come after 45 minutes of driving or walking. Even though it wasn’t pain I was experiencing, it was annoyance that was present on a daily basis. My physical therapist Sue was awesome, along with assistants Sue F. and Amber. They developed a personalized regimen that helped me improve each week. After two months of PT I can gladly say I am discomfort FREE! They have taught me multiple stretches and strengthening exercises to continue at home to keep me strong. I would like to thank all the staff members for their dedication to patient care and improving my health. Professional Physical Therapy is exactly what their name states and I would highly recommend them to ALL!” -Kelley Toli
Kelley Toli
"Before coming to PT I was having pain in my right knee when I would do any kind of activity. Before this pain I was doing 3-4 days of boot camp with some running. Professional Physical Therapy was having a free screening on knee pain so I decided to see what it was about and what I could do to make my knee better. A big thank you to Dr. Patt and Amber for working with me to get me back to doing activity." -Karen Smith
Karen Smith
"When I started here, I had problems with my right knee which resulted in three falls in the year of 2016, which caused injuries. The third fall caused a hairline fracture in my ankle, as a result of my knee collapsing. When I actually started the PT (6 weeks after my cast). Walking, climbing, stairs and even housework presented real challenges. The staff here from the front desk people to the PT staff have been welcoming and positive throughout my time here. We have all been working toward getting my strength and endurance back, in order to prepare me for my upcoming knee replacement surgery. Now I am feeling confident and look forward to coming back for "after surgery PT! ... goal is family vacation with my family in Maine this September." - Joyce Richard
Joyce Richard
“I work on my feet all day, so knee pain isn’t desirable. When I started coming to PT I had significant pain in both knees that was inhibiting my leg workouts. I also had difficulty getting up out of a seated position. After working with Amber, Sue F., and Alex for several weeks, the pain is mostly gone in my leg. Hip and knee strength is significantly increased. The staff here is great and I am so much better. If I need PT in the future, this is definitely where I will come back to!” -James Lincoln
James Lincoln
"I have been coming to Professional Physical Therapy for 10 year, after breaking my knee cap and having 6 knee surgery to correct my knee issues. Dr. Patt, Sue, Amber, and Gab are great to work with and have helped me immensely over the years getting me back to physical activity. Hopefully this will be my last recover, but I will definitely be back if it is not." -Greg Kane
Greg Kane
“I had a knee replacement September 9th, 2016 and started PT October 2nd. My knee flex started behind the curve (less than 90 degrees) and we set a goal of 120 degrees. By the fourth week I had a flex of 128 degrees (well above the target). I contribute this to excellent PT by Dr. Greg Patt, with help from Sue and Amber. I am told that it will take a full year before the knee feels fully healed (normal). But I have vastly improved since the end of therapy. Thank you all for your help, it is greatly appreciated!” -Fred Hayes
Fred Hayes
"I came into PT for a bad knee and I did 5 minutes of bike riding, leg weights, then I did lots of stretches, leg lifts with weights, ladder which was the most difficult. Walked with a rubber band and at the end I did 10 minutes of stim. The most difficult thing was the ladder." - Dylan Sumner
Dylan Sumner
“Thank you Professional Physical Therapy! The word “professional” certainly belong in your name. The staff, especially Alex Z. are all truly pros at what they do. When I started in January I could barely put full weight on my right knee after my December surgery. With the help, guidance and instruction from Alex and Team, my right knee now (March) is pain free and near 100%. Thanks for getting back in the game!” -Dan Pezold
Dan Pezold
“It has been a pleasure to work with the terrific PT team here. I injured my knee and was not walking well without pain. Stairs were a challenge as well as entering and exiting my car. I am able to perform those tasks and are pain free now.” -Charmagne Laprise
Charmagne Laprise
"I had surgery on my left knee (because of a torn meniscus); my surgeon cleaned this area out and now I'm able to ride my street bike again. I'm not sure how I injured my knee. The ladies at Professional Physical Therapy helped me a lot, especially Susan Koeller, she is a great therapist, she is very gentle and knowledgeable!" -Alan Pinkard
Allan Pinkard
“Before I started PT and had surgery on my right knee, I had torn my ACL during soccer. After surgery about a week later, I had my first physical therapy appointment. The surgery had left me on crutches for about a month and it would take 6-12 months to recover. The therapists here were very kind and brought me through all the exercises to get on the road to recovery. After about 5 ½ months of PT, I am now playing in scrimmages during practice.” – Adam Gilbert
Adam Gilbert
“After suffering with a sciatic nerve and spinal stenosis problem for about 1 ½ years, I finally had to undergo surgery for a lumbar laminectomy. My mobility and strength, as well as my stamina had deteriorated over this time and I needed to rebuild, restore, and in some degree, relearn many simple actions I had just taken for granted for years. Surgery was successful, but I had a ways to go to get back to my ‘old self’. Thanks to my time spent at Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine I am now able to return to an active lifestyle and return to a physically demanding job after a 7-month absence! I was, and continue to be, thankful; to Alex, Amber, Sue F and all the staff for their efforts on my behalf.” -Tim Keras
Tim Keras
“I began PT with back pains and not being able to do gymnastics. Sitting at school and doing any kind of activities caused pain. Sitting at school and doing any kind of activities caused pain. Now after going through PT I am back at gymnastics and have no pain.” -Sarah Bernstein
Sarah Bernstein
“Due to lower back and arthritic knee, I came to Professional Physical Therapy to improve range of motion, alleviate swelling and pain. I cannot say enough about the quality of therapy I received from Sue Koeller. Her knowledge, calming personality, and professionalism made for a very pleasant experience for me. I am back to dancing and gym activities that I was unable to participate in previously. I highly recommend Professional Physical Therapy for its staff as well as its facility and equipment.” –Louise Perry
Louise Perry
"Before PT I had bad back pain (lower). It made dancing hard and even daily activities painful. When I went to the doctors they told me the pain was due to unequal leg lengths and told me to buy lifts to go in my shoes and that would resolve my pain. Once I came to PT everything got better. I worked weekly with Dr. Patt and Sue F. to strengthen my core. Surprisingly they told me not to wear the leg lifts and that my legs were equal length but my pelvis was off instead. I am so grateful I came here as my back pain is almost completely gone and my core is stronger than before. I have honestly never done a curl up without lifting my feet to help me due to my back pain and weak core but I am able to do one now!" - Hayley Arnold
Hayley Arnold
“Sciatica pain brought me to Professional Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine. My symptoms appeared suddenly after an exceedingly long car ride. Hoping that the symptoms would eventually go away, I waited a few months before seeking professional help. When I arrived here for treatment, it was difficult for me to be in the car for extended periods of time, I was continually irritating this already painful condition. Before seeking physical therapy, when I would get out of the car, I could barely walk. Dr. Raybuck has been amazingly helpful and accurate in pinpointing the problem areas. We began working on my core areas, stretching muscle groups and slowly increasing the strengthening and healing process with the use of weights. Amber and Dr. Raybuck have diligently guided me throughout the many weeks and months of therapy. Always cheerful and professional, they have been a wonderful resource in my recovery. Dr. Raybuck and Amber have my deepest appreciation for their support and guidance during my healing process. Today, I am stronger and free of debilitating pain. It is still necessary for me to spend extended periods of time in the car, but thanks to these two, very capable ladies, I am able to accomplish that without pain.” – Ellen Veelenturf
Ellen Veelenturf
“After a bad landing on vault, my back was really hurting me. I couldn’t practice gymnastics without any pain. After coming to PT, I can now do gymnastics pain-free. This has helped me finish my final gymnastics season successfully. I qualified to regionals!” -Elana Chan
Elana Chan
“I have had a wonderful experience. My initial evaluation was everything I needed to hear in order to keep me willing to return for each visit and do my exercises at home. I started with very little flexibility in my back and that in turn caused pain after sitting, even walking too much. I struggled with leg cramps and lower back tightness. The work I have been doing over the last few weeks to increase my back, leg, and ab muscles has made it so I am sleeping better, able to sit and/or stand longer, and overcome any discomfort easier. Wow, I am so grateful to Dr. Patt and his team!” -Christine Gallinagh
Christine Gallinagh
“I am as glad that I chose Professional Physical Therapy as my place to help me treat sciatica. They not only solved my immediate problem, the helped me in many other areas. I certainly would recommend them to others.” -Carol Ross
Carol Ross
"In mid-October I injured my back and was suffering significant levels of pain. I went to my primary care doctor who determined that I had a pinched nerve in my lower back. He prescribed a pain medication which I ended up allergic to. A return to the doctor, lead to another pain medication which I was equally allergic to. After a week of near sleepless nights, I got a referral for physical therapy. On my way home from the doctor I stopped at Professional Physical Therapy. They set me up with a schedule that started the next day. I was assigned to Susan Koeller. During our initial meeting, I described my injury and gave each area of pain a number. I had a 7-degree pain in my lower back, a 6-degree pain in my hip and thigh, and a constant 5-degree pain from the knee down my foot. After a brief exam, Susan determined that my pelvis was out of alignment. She had me lie on a bench. She applied pressure to my back and like magic the pain in my back subsided significantly. That night I slept like a baby. Unfortunately, the next day the pain was back. Again, Susan was able to provide relief, she also showed me a stretching exercise that I could do at home if the pain returned. Over the next eight weeks Susan, Sue, and Amber taught me many more exercises and supervised as I went through them during each session. Even when I thought I was doing the exercises alone Sue or Amber would stop and correct my position or inquire about my progress. This is an incredibly talented group of professionals. Their collective efforts and attention to my progress have resulted in my full recovery. While I will always have the exercises, I will miss them very much. Thank you all." -Bruce Davis
Bruce Davis
“After four months of kickboxing my body had had enough and needed a break. My lower back pain increased and I had difficulty driving with my left leg since it was very tight. Professional Physical Therapy was close to work and easy to schedule appointments. Both Sue K. and Sue F. were able to assess my condition with a lot of heat, STM, and ice. Each appointment I was thoroughly looked over to see if I was out of alignment. Stretches and strengthening exercises were demonstrated and advised over 3 months. I can now drive with ease compared to before. I’m not strong enough for kickboxing, but I understand that will take time. I feel I was looked over with care and given the tools to further my healing on my own time. I thank all the physical therapists and the front desk for making my lengthy experience welcoming and productive.” –Augusta Hahnel
Augusta Hahnal
“Came with left hip pain over previous several months, first visit was very encouraging, as IT band inflammations/ bursitis were identified and so was a plan of action. Therapy improved pain level and ability to do tasks as bending to get dressed after only a few visits. Spasms in left leg were a problem but after an extra stretch was added at the beginning of sessions, those were also resolved. When improvement seemed to plateau, ultrasound was added, that pushed improvement to a new level. Strength and flexibility were much improved as were spasms, and cramps. A cortisone injection improved overall pain level. Improvement overall huge with overall treatments. Pain remains only at night when lying on my left side. No more pain walking, dressing, or climbing out of the car. Therapists were wonderful, great listeners to my symptoms and questions. A huge plus in treatment.” –Sue Hinderliter
Sue Hinderliter
“Pain in hip area, couldn’t ride my bike or go for long walks. PT was awesome, I learnt what exercises to do, how to do them correctly and most important, DO YOUR HOMEWORK EVERY DAY. I was cured in 4 weeks!!” – Mary Macdonald
Mary Macdonald
“I came here after having a very long history of right hip pain that caused me to be in constant pain with movement. I had numbers of hip injections with little relief. I was ultimately diagnosed with both tendonitis and bursitis in my hip. My experience here has been extraordinary. All of the staff has been so friendly and Dr. Patt, Amber and Sue have been so helpful with my progress. They are so knowledgeable and have helped me to the point of having very little pain for a long term problem. I am so grateful to all.” - Eileen Curran
Teresa Ramella
“I came here after having a very long history of right hip pain that caused me to be in constant pain with movement. I had numbers of hip injections with little relief. I was ultimately diagnosed with both tendonitis and bursitis in my hip. My experience here has been extraordinary. All of the staff has been so friendly and Dr. Patt, Amber and Sue have been so helpful with my progress. They are so knowledgeable and have helped me to the point of having very little pain for a long term problem. I am so grateful to all.” - Eileen Curran
Eileen Curran
“Initially I had made an appt. here for problems with hip pain. Before my first appt. I injured my back. The exercises that Susan K. and Amber had me doing not only helped my hip but also helped ease my back pain and made the muscles in my back stronger. I no longer am awakened in the middle of the night with hip pain. Thank you for your expertise and your development of a plan that worked so well for my situation. I’ll miss you both!” -Diane Jaros
Diane Jaros
“I had just finished with a long-term injury (or at least what I considered long-term). I had a surgical repair of a torn labrum in the hip and was out of work for 10 weeks. Shortly after returning to my “normal” activities, I injured the knee on the opposite side. I had very little FMLA left and was in a panic. Fortunately the MRI revealed that the knee was not a surgical issue and could be dealt with in PT. The first appointment I had with Dr. Raybuck gave me great hope as to what we could accomplish. She and her staff (Amber and Sue) were also amazing- always supportive and offering suggestions as well as challenging me to increase my strength. Every person I encountered during my visits at Professional PT, both staff and fellow patients- were amazing. Also, the front office staff would greet me warmly and with a smile. I am now back to my normal activities with the outstanding help and support of Dr. Raybuck and her staff!! Thank you to everyone.” – Dorothy Diskin
Dorothy Diskin
“Because of shattering my pelvis in a fall- I was having a great deal of difficulty with most motions in my hip and back. With the help and support of each therapist and Dr. Patt, I’ve come a long way- walking, standing, sitting, bending- much better with much less pain in my hip and back. It’s been a long recovery, but the continued exceptional support of these professionals has been life changing in so many ways. My thank you to each staff member for all your compassionate support in scheduling PT during some trying times. If anyone has a question as to where they should go for physical and mental support for an injury please consider telling you MD about Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, Inc in Franklin, MA. Thank you to all.” – Barbara Connor
Barbara Connor
"When I started I couldn't walk on my left foot. With Stacey and Sue F. they got me walking again; it has been a long road but they got me walking again. I wouldn't go anywhere else. They are all a great bunch of people, thanks for getting me walking again. Doing the homework is very important and will continue to work on it. Amazing how long it took, never take for granted what PT people do for you." -Peg Garner
Peg Garner
“I fell 12 feet from a shed roof and shattered my left heel. When I came to Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in September I was on crutches and in a boot. Since working with everyone here I have been able to return to a somewhat normal life, in that I can walk and return to work. It’s been a long road to travel but the staff was awesome in every aspect of therapy. Thank you for all of your knowledge and expertise!” -Chris Miga
Chris Miga
"I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in the spring. I tried several different insoles, saw an orthopedist and podiatrist. Nothing seemed to help. I continued to hobble out of my car when I returned home from work. The podiatrist suggested PT. It took a while but I was finally able to walk around at the end of the school day without limping! It took a lot of visits here -which were always enjoyable- so don't get discouraged. Dr. Patt, Amber, Sue F. are very personable and welcoming! I know it will be really important to keep up with the exercises. As much as I liked getting to know the staff here, I am glad this is resolved! Thanks, Dr. Patt :)" -Laurie Pirrello
Laurie Pirrello
“Before coming to PT, I had trouble doing basic activities such as walking and balancing. This happened after I broke my foot in a soccer game. After having surgery, I came to PT. I never imagined that I would be where I am today. After coming to physical therapy my strength, activities, and balance improved significantly. I am so thankful for everyone who has helped me improve. I have had such a great experience and I can’t wait to return to the soccer field after not being able to for 1 ½ years. Thanks for everything! ” –Sophie Manocchio
Sophie Manocchio
“As a freshman in high school my first goal was to become part of a team so I joined the field hockey team. Soon after the season started I developed shin splints. My mom brought me to Professional Physical Therapy after they helped her with her vertigo. Through my time at Professional Physical Therapy I made friends with the therapists and gained strength and flexibility. With PT I was able to get through the winter and be able to join track and field this spring. Though the ladder I dreaded it, it helped me gain balance and helped me work with agility. Thank you!” -Michaela Berman
Michaela Berman
“When I first got here I was unable to even take long walks. Now, I can walk 5-7 miles without the throbbing pain in my right foot from plantar fasciitis. Light jogging for even short distances was out of the question. Now, I can jog for about a mile without unbearable pain in my foot that forces me to stop exercising. Sprinting for short amounts of time is also something I can finally do now. Slowly I hope to return to the Insanity Work out once I get settled in Philly. Staff has been awesome here! You guys are fun and the exercises you’ve given me have proven to be helpful. Also- office staff Noreen and Ashley are wonderful! Thank you Dr. Patt and staff!” – Gregory Kolber
Greg Kolber
“I came in after a Grand Mal (epileptic) seizure. With no balance the staff helped me get balance and strength back in a couple months. I would like to thank everyone. Back to hockey!!!” –Richard Morin
Richard Morin
“Prior to coming in I was suffering from terrible dizzy/ light headed symptoms. What seems to have been brought on from a long flight. I found out I was having vertigo symptoms which was impacting my daily activities at home (playing with my daughters) as well as walking and laying down which would cause “room spins”. My work was suffering from this as well, as sitting in front of a computer all day would give me head spins. Once treatment began things greatly improved. The spins stopped when walking and working. I added neck stretches into my routine which helped with my head pressure. My time here was enjoyable and encouraging. For all vertigo patients, Dr. Patt has the cure!!” – Marc Wasserman
Marc Wasserman
“Before PT I was dizzy. I couldn’t turn over in bed without feeling like waves (of dizziness) I had to close my eyes until it went away. Doing pt helped me so much. Now I can turn my head, bend down, without feeling like I would fall. Thanks very much Dr. Patt.” Helen Cividino
Helen Cividino
“I was prescribed vestibular PT when I developed vertigo – every time that I lowered my hand, the room spun violently! I didn’t even know there was PT for such a thing so was skeptical. When I came for my first appointment, Dr. Patt had me try to balance and walk in a straight line…NO WAY! I was drifting all over the place. With just one session of pain-free techniques, the spinning stopped! I was so relieved. He suggested a few more visits just to make sure I was ok and that the vertigo didn’t come back. He didn’t rush me out at all. I am truly pleased with the entire experience – the front office as well as Dr. Patt.” –Emily Berman
Emily Berman
"I was very lucky and only needed 3 weeks of therapy. I had a rotator cuff injury which made it very difficult to raise my arm. The deep friction massage was painful at first but eventually was very beneficial to my recovery. The staff are all very professional and pleasant to work with!" -Wendy Plakias
Wendy Plakias
“I had never been to physical therapy before, so I was a bit skeptical. They worked on my shoulder and soon I was sleeping thru the night without waking up in pain. I really enjoyed the professional service of the staff. Front desk people were very helpful. Glad I took recommendation from a former patient. I would strongly recommend this place to anyone needing physical therapy and enjoyable conversation. I enjoyed Bruins talk with Alex, and his excellent physical therapy care.” -Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch
“I came to Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine after tearing the labrum in my shoulder. My shoulder was painful doing routine things like putting my hair up and getting dressed. Holding my arm up to hold the steering wheel for any length of time was even painful. My range of motion and strength was very limited and I was unable to work out as I had done before. As a Physical Education teacher I need to be able to demonstrate various exercises and I was unable to do so. After many weeks with Alex I am able to work out again, my range of motion has dramatically improved, and my strength is improving every day. Alex said on day 1 that getting better would be possible, but after months of pain I wasn’t sure. Thanks Alex…I am very happy to say that you were right!” –Lisa Cronin
Lisa Cronin
“I tore my rotator cuff and had surgery to repair. I came to Professional Physical Therapy (my 3rd time here) for post-surgical work. I had a great experience with Alex, Amber, and Sue F. I struggled the first few months with pain, but the staff worked consistently with massage, stretching, and exercises to get me back to a pain free state in a few months. I have regained strength and mobility and have been relatively pain free for several weeks. I will continue to work to get my shoulder back to its pre-injury state. Thanks to everyone.” -Jim Wagner
Jim Wagner
“I suffered a shoulder injury playing hockey. Prior to my first PT visit I could hardly raise my right arm above my shoulder level in front of me or to the side. I also had limited strength and couldn’t exercise. After several weeks of physical therapy, I have all my strength back and improved range of flexibility and motion. The exercises, electrotherapy, and ultrasound all worked well in the process of getting my shoulder better. Thank you to the entire team.” -Gary Plakias
Gary Plakias
“I came to Physical Therapy to have work done on my left shoulder after tearing my rotator cuff. I found that the personnel both at the front desk and those that worked on me in the room. They were very attuning, both the assigned therapist and the others help me if I forgot what to do. I came in not able to raise my arm no higher than 8 inches below a door knob; and now that I completed my therapy I can reach out and if my arms were longer I think I could reach the ceiling.” –Frank Liotta
Frank Liotta
“When I started coming I was in a sling and very limited to the activities I could do. After a couple of weeks the sling came off and we included strengthening to the stretching exercises. Thanks to Sue and her team, I’ve gained almost full range of motion back and I’m continuing to work on the strengthening. Even on the days I came in exhausted, they pushed me to give it my all. If they hadn’t I wouldn’t have made as much progress as I have so quickly. Thank you!” –Annette O’Reilly
Annette O’Reilly
“I have been to physical therapy many times and usually don’t complete the series of appointments. With Professional Physical Therapy I completed all the appointments with excellent results. Susan K. gave me excellent advice regarding how I should sleep to reduce my neck pain. Susan F. manipulated my neck and within hours I felt 100% better. I’m sure I will need therapy again and this is the only place I will go. Great Job!” – Nancy Malcolm
Nancy Malcolm
"After coming back from college my neck was super strained from constantly being bent over studying.  I decided to get my neck/spine looked at over winter break at Professional Physical Therapy.  After a few short weeks of undergoing physical therapy, my neck and back feel a lot stronger and I have better posture.  The pain and swelling has significantly decreased and I have to thank the kind staff at Professional Physical Therapy for all of my improvements.  Thank you!!" -Taylor McCue
Taylor McCue
"I had trouble moving my neck from side to side. The PT has made a great difference in the quality of movement in my neck. I know I have to continue with the exercises the PT has taught me to keep my neck moving from side to side. I have recommended this facility to some of my relatives and friends because of the great services here. Thank you for the great PT I have received here." -Lorraine Howe
Lorraine Howe
“Before PT, I was unable to turn my head to either side and I did not have full range of motion in my left arm.  This made driving and other tasks that involved turning my head to look over my shoulder and/or reaching for something virtually impossible.  Thanks to Dr. Patt, I am now able to move my neck and my shoulder in every direction.  I have been able to return to all activities that were not possible before! ” –Heather Irwin
Heather Irwin
“This past fall I began to have shooting pains in the back of my head. The pain was the result of significantly tight muscles in my neck and shoulders. I had lived with this tightness for a very long time and considered it a part of aging. Thanks to Dr. Raybuck, Amber and Sue, I can now turn my neck from side to side without moving my entire upper body. It is an incredible 180 degree difference. In addition, I am more relaxed because it was a lot of work to carry a very tight neck. My sincere thanks to all for this incredible transformation!” – Debbie Ryan
Debbie Ryan
“When I came to Physical Therapy I had pinched a C-8 nerve in my neck. I had extreme pain and numbness down my left arm. My left arm had about 50% strength and my coordination was way off. Along with not being able to work, I had a lot of trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep. After meeting with Dr. Patt we had a game plan of stretches combined with traction to try to relieve the pressure on my nerve. Within the first couple of weeks I could feel the pain working its way back up my arm. Just as Dr. Patt said, the pain moved from my fingertips to my elbow, into my tricep until 6 weeks later I’m pain free. I have full strength and mobility. I am very satisfied with my experience here at Professional PT. all the staff members were professional and knowledgeable.” – David Anderson
David Anderson
Prior to my PT at Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, Inc. I had very limited range of motion in my right shoulder and at times severe or continuous throbbing in my shoulder. It was difficult to sleep at night, particularly on my right side, and I would have pain and numbness in my shoulder and arm if I moved my right arm too quickly. It was difficult to reach above my shoulders, behind my back and across my body. Even the simple tasks of showering, tucking in my shirt, and reaching in my back pocket was challenging. I was diagnosed with “frozen shoulder” at Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, Inc. by Dr. Patt. I started treatments twice a week. The staff was friendly, patient, and dedicated to getting me back to normal. I worked with several of the staff throughout my PT and was comfortable working with them all and appreciated their dedication and professionalism. I am now able to use my right shoulder to do more everyday tasks with no pain. My range of motion has significantly improved for most of my range of motion. My time here has helped resolve my limited motion and the atmosphere has been relaxing and would recommend the facility to others. I would like to thank the entire staff and Dr. Patt for their dedication and professionalism.
Walter Eaton
Before therapy I had a severe case of Scoliosis. My spine went from a 45 degree curve to a 64 degree curve in a 3 month span. This significant curve made the doctors tell me I needed spinal fusion surgery. I hated the idea of it because it ended my football career for FHS and I couldn’t play sports for a year. January 10th 2014 a 6.5 hour surgery changed that curve and made it better than before. Now I’m doing so much better I am playing basketball and starting baseball. Thanks to Dr. Raybuck I’m better than normal and all the pain is gone.
Thomas Thayer
After suffering a traumatic knee injury I was unable to either put weight on my leg or bend the knee even slightly without experiencing blinding pain. I started at Pro PT on crutches and in a knee brace and Sue and Amber began pushing me to exercise the leg to regain my range of motion and reduce the swelling. It was not quick or easy but with following my exercises and my hard work I was able to lose the crutches and the brace and get back to working my full time job without restrictions. Sue said it would take time to heal and she was right. I’m so glad I chose Pro PT. The staffs were great and accommodating and the gym was always clean, up to date, and comfortable. I would strongly recommend Pro Pt to friends and family. Thank you to Sue, Amber, and everyone up front.
Stephen Godsoe
Before starting PT I was dealing with painful sciatica, more often than not the pain would radiate from my lower right back (where the problem disc cases pain) through my leg to my foot. It was difficult to sit at the computer for any length of time, walk more than 10- 15 minutes without the pain acting up, do yard work, gardening etc. After 3 months of PT I rarely have sciatica. When I do, it’s usually caused by a lot of walking, or something like shoveling! Driving and sitting are much better also. Even though there is still some pain in the lower right back, caused by the disc problem, it is something I can live with. My experience here has been a good one! Pleasant facility; with a great staff who took good care of me!
Nancy Ross
Misjudging a plank in yoga, I strained my shoulders. Combined with some arthritis, the tendinitis made my shoulders very painful. After months, I finally sought medical attention and the long and short of it was I would be back at PT. I had been here earlier for a rotator cuff tear which they beautifully resolved. The staff here, from Dr. Raybuck on down are wonderful. Very caring and friendly. Everyone, indeed, knows your name. Will miss them all (sort of). Thus, another round of PT has been successfully completed.
Maureen Osolnick
Prior to coming in I was suffering from terrible dizzy/ light headed symptoms. What seems to have been brought on from a long flight. I found out I was having vertigo symptoms which was impacting my daily activities at home (playing with my daughters) as well as walking and laying down which would cause “room spins”. My work was suffering from this as well, as sitting in front of a computer all day would give me head spins. Once treatment began things greatly improved. The spins stopped when walking and working. I added neck stretches into my routine which helped with my head pressure. My time here was enjoyable and encouraging. For all vertigo patients, Dr. Patt has the cure!!
Marc Wasserman
I started coming here in April 2015 for problems with my back. Over time my back became very tight and I would have a lot of pain just getting out of bed in the morning. Doing any type of activity, walking for exercise or biking, would be difficult. After working with the staff here I have begun biking up to 45 miles without pain. Everyone here has been extremely professional, helpful, and friendly. I will recommend you to others! Thank you for all you have done to help me enjoy exercising again and being able to get out of bed pain free!
Lynn Principe
When I first got here I was unable to even take long walks. Now, I can walk 5-7 miles without the throbbing pain in my right foot from plantar fasciitis. Light jogging for even short distances was out of the question. Now, I can jog for about a mile without unbearable pain in my foot that forces me to stop exercising. Sprinting for short amounts of time is also something I can finally do now. Slowly I hope to return to the Insanity Work out once I get settled in Philly. Staff has been awesome here! You guys are fun and the exercises you’ve given me have proven to be helpful. Also- office staff Noreen and Ashley are wonderful! Thank you Dr. Patt and staff!
Gregory Kolber
I had a very positive experience. Soon after I began PT at Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, Inc. under the care of Dr. Patt and Amber I experienced a marked improvement through their direction I continued to improve each day. I was unable to do some day to day tasks such as reaching up to reach items in cabinets and dressing was difficult to say the least. Having an almost frozen shoulder there was continuous discomfort to pain. Now I can perform all the activities I need to do day to day and activities I enjoy such as gardening. Thank you to Dr. Patt and Amber always friendly with a smile, and thanks to a wonderful office staff always friendly and helpful.
Gail Bagley
I have been here for physical therapy for five separate rehabilitative surgeries. I had tried other physical therapy providers before for rehabilitation; their services were very inferior to those provided here. It is reassuring to have adult therapists, most with many years of experiences planning and supervising my efforts. I am an active hiker and traveler affiliated with a group of teachers from many states who travel with a professional volcanologist who has taken us to 7 countries with active volcanoes that we hike (climb) to as far as it is safe to go. We have been to at least 50 separate volcanoes. All of my rehabilitative surgeries allowed me to continue these trips. One of the most important components is having great physical therapy, that is why I am a repeat customer, and if I need to have another round, I will be back. I have another hiking trip planned for this summer to Ireland/ Greenland with a side trip to Switzerland/ Austria.
Forest Henderson
The first time I injured myself, I came here, and it was the best decision I could have made. My knee injury had led me to surgery and I couldn’t imagine ever being the same again, but Dr. Raybuck, Amber and Andee encouraged me and really made me work! The result was what I had hoped for and I was able to get back to my walking and running! The subsequent surgeries over the last couple of years, my other knee and rotator cuff repair, brought me back to Professional Physical Therapy and back to moving freely again! There is no place else I would go! Everyone here is friendly and welcoming. I always feel valued and taken care of.
Celia Taylor
I have had a very positive experience here. I am able to do most everything I did before my injury.
Bruce Higgins
After my fall my leg was very wobbly. Standing for more than 5 mins was not an option, and walking to the car seemed like I would never make it. Starting PT the pain was intense. Ice quickly becomes your friend. Couple sessions later the flexibility comes back and the pain drops down. When asked upon visits how the leg is you have to stop and think when the last time it hurt, VS. When was the last time it didn’t? Several weeks later walking and going through daily activities, the leg wasn’t hurting. Stairs are still a small problem but improving every day. Thanks to everyone at Pro PT. My life is back to pain free walking. Thank you!!
Brenda Martin
Came to PT with bad lower back pain and numbness in my legs and top of my foot. It was hard to exercise and stand or sit for a long period of time. With a PT program that the staff gave me for the office and at home, my condition has improved so I can do most everything and the improvement is 90% better. Great staff and a tremendous help.
Barry Katz
Beginning in August of 2014 I started to have pain in my left ankle and I limped whenever I walked. I began seeing a foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Mark Slovenka, at Boston Sports and Shoulder and he recommended foot surgery. On January 28th, 2015 I had surgery (called flat foot deformity). After 2 weeks of keeping off my foot I was put in a cast for 4 weeks and a boot for 5 weeks. I began coming to PT on March 17th and twice a week to work on stretching and strengthening my foot. Each week my ankle got a little stronger. I could see progress little by little each week when doing my exercises. It is now July 23rd and I am graduating from PT. I saw Dr. Slovenka yesterday and he gave me a clean bill of health. I had told Dr. Raybuck back in March that I was planning on going on a hiking trip at the end of August. I wasn’t sure if I would be ready to go but she assured me that with the exercised and the work, I could be ready. I have utmost confidence today that by the end of August I will have no trouble on my hiking trip. I especially want to thank Dr. Raybuck and the staff (I worked mainly with Amber) for getting me to where I am today.
Barbara Best
Before I started PT my knee was in a lot of pain, I really couldn’t do all the things I used to be able to. I couldn’t really dance, walk, or bike ride. Then I started PT, my knee doesn’t get pain anymore. I can do everything, and now my knee never hurts when I dance, or play with my friends. The staff here is super nice, Dr.Patt and amber really helped me and my knee is so much stronger now. I’m really glad I did PT because it really helped.
Abigail Civetti

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