“I came in after a Grand Mal (epileptic) seizure. With no balance the staff helped me get balance and strength back in a couple months. I would like to thank everyone. Back to hockey!!!” –Richard Morin
Richard Morin
“Prior to coming in I was suffering from terrible dizzy/ light headed symptoms. What seems to have been brought on from a long flight. I found out I was having vertigo symptoms which was impacting my daily activities at home (playing with my daughters) as well as walking and laying down which would cause “room spins”. My work was suffering from this as well, as sitting in front of a computer all day would give me head spins. Once treatment began things greatly improved. The spins stopped when walking and working. I added neck stretches into my routine which helped with my head pressure. My time here was enjoyable and encouraging. For all vertigo patients, Dr. Patt has the cure!!” – Marc Wasserman
Marc Wasserman
“Before PT I was dizzy. I couldn’t turn over in bed without feeling like waves (of dizziness) I had to close my eyes until it went away. Doing pt helped me so much. Now I can turn my head, bend down, without feeling like I would fall. Thanks very much Dr. Patt.” Helen Cividino
Helen Cividino
“I was prescribed vestibular PT when I developed vertigo – every time that I lowered my hand, the room spun violently! I didn’t even know there was PT for such a thing so was skeptical. When I came for my first appointment, Dr. Patt had me try to balance and walk in a straight line…NO WAY! I was drifting all over the place. With just one session of pain-free techniques, the spinning stopped! I was so relieved. He suggested a few more visits just to make sure I was ok and that the vertigo didn’t come back. He didn’t rush me out at all. I am truly pleased with the entire experience – the front office as well as Dr. Patt.” –Emily Berman
Emily Berman